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                                                          Power and Beauty
The theme of the painter Eva Clemens is the spiritual and artistic interpretation of nature

that surrounds us. This is a hot topic. The painter explores and shows us plants, clouds,

mountains and animals with empathic respect,  powerful and at the same time with

the sensitivity of the artist and with a deep philosophical background.

She dedicates her current series of pictures to the ginkgo tree, the oldest tree in the world,

which has also been preserved as a fossil.
The ginkgo is a survivalist who has survived even the nuclear disaster of Hiroshima as the

only plant there. The ginkgo is also a strong symbol.
The artist Eva Clemens is a convinced painter and has always believed in painting and

iitstremendous possibilities. Since she sees herselv in a tradition with her esteemed an instspiring  masters, portraiture has a high priority for her.

She brings the portrait painting to a very current, exciting and contemporary flowering.

Dr. Barbara Clemens, art historian
Heidelberg, Baden Baden, Mannheim



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